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Healthcare Data Equity Project

Led by a team with expertise in the fields of biostatistics, epidemiology, and data science, the Healthcare Data Equity Projects (HDEPs) initiative of CCSR focuses on leveraging big data including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid claims data to investigate health outcomes across a diverse spectrum of therapeutic areas.

The goal of HDEPs is to work with industry leaders, academic institutions, and other stakeholders on research initiatives that highlight underlying healthcare disparities and the need for more equitable care among our nation’s most vulnerable populations. The insights gleaned from our research can guide policies and interventions aimed at mitigating healthcare disparities.

Cohort and Patient Data Analytics

In-depth insights into the prevalence of chronic conditions, comorbidities, healthcare utilization, and care gaps within specific patient populations | Geographic variations at the zip code or county level to portray patients’ overall health, the prevalence of multi-chronic condition beneficiaries, as well as cost and utilization patterns.

Pharmacy Data Analytics

Our pharmacy data analytics services range from evaluating drug access and prescribing patterns to understanding patient risk profiles. We also focus on medication adherence and compliance, offering actionable insights for healthcare providers and policymakers.

Provider Data Analytics

We employ provider data analytics to establish connections between patients and their healthcare providers, including physicians and care settings. This enables us to analyze healthcare utilization by specialty and assess its impact on the overall performance of healthcare networks.

Our core areas of research includes

Infectious Disease and Vaccine

Effect of race and ethnicity on influenza vaccine uptake among older US Medicare beneficiaries: a record-linkage cohort study. The Lancet Healthy Longevity

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Geographic Variation in Racial Disparities in Receipt of High-Dose Influenza Vaccine Among US Older Adults

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Diabetes and Obesity

Assessment of Glucose Monitoring Adherence in Medicare Beneficiaries with Insulin-Treated Diabetes

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Effect of Medication Copayment on Adherence and Discontinuation in Medicare Beneficiaries with Type 2 Diabetes: A Retrospective Administrative Claims Database Analysis

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Cardiovascular Disease

Patient Diversity and Population Health-Related Cardiovascular Outcomes Associated with Warfarin Use in Atrial Fibrillation: An Analysis Using Administrative Claims Data

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Alzheimer’s Disease and Brain Health